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"Every single aspect of what we do at work comes down to people and managing people, selling to people, working with people or making them do what you want them to do." Your career success in the workplace of today-independent of technical expertise-depends on the quality of your people skills.

We provide the following services to enable our clients to be winners and enable them work on their core competence:

  1. Recruitment, Head Hunting, Executive Placement
  2. Contract staffing, Temporary staffing
  3. Advertisement Response Management
  4. Insta IT Joiners
  5. Flexi HR Manager for SMEs
  6. Background verification
  7. Statutory compliances
  8. Payroll
  9. Business Registration
  10. Startup Support Services

Recruitment, Head Hunting, Executive Placement

People Skills is pioneer in getting the chief executive placements for any kind of organization across the country. Owing the reputation as a trusted professional and reliable consultant services, we are specialized in offering Recruitment, Head Hunting and Executive Placement. These placements are focused on Top and mid level positions focusing on the specific requirements of the Industry.

We are committed to placement principles and deliver as promised. With more than hundred contact database of MNC's, we find the right senior level and superior sources for Executive Placement. Understanding your requirement People Skills bestows you with best professionals who are specialized with acquired knowledge and experienced in the required domain along with strong qualities of leadership and administration. People Skills possess strong network of professionals with a database that comprehend any sort of organizational requirement in terms of recruitment.

Our services are backed by strong profiles of trained professionals who serve across different domains in various industries. We precisely assure you with best resource within a short span of time. We match the right candidates with the right emotional Intelligence for the desired roles.

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Contract staffing, Temporary staffing

People Skills understands the temporary staffing requirements and maintains an ongoing personal contact during assignment of temporary staffing. We employ a specialized team of recruiters to provide temporary candidates for professional roles across different domains despite the size of the organizations. The service includes secretarial, administration, reception, accountancy, HR, marketing, sales, and IT roles along with specialized staffing assistance for the required jobs and positions. People Skills stands as a strong support when it comes to contract staffing and temporary staffing. We mitigate your requirement with required flexible and skilled resources. Our staffing solutions assist you in all levels of business cycle with the best temporary staffs

We use a personalized approach for providing flexible and adaptable sources to meet any kind of temporary employee staffing requirements. The services are comprehensive and customized as per the client requirements; they include employment staffing solutions backed by combine recruiting, screening, interviewing, and reference checking. Thus we make easy and efficient placement for temporary labor all kinds of jobs in any organizations. The contract staffing services are spread across nation offering solutions for both local and regional requirement of the organization.

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Advertisement Response Management

Have you ever found the need to advertise your job needs in renowned newspapers and Job Portals, but found it too overwhelming to deal with the logistics (taking the incoming call load, booking the hotels / venue and equipment for the interview process) and managing the people inflow? We can guide and help you with that.

Especially, during a peak recruitment season, our company can help you with reserving a place for the Walk-in Interviews, manning the stalls, get the right recruiters to screen the CVs, pass them to your HR and interview panel for approval and further processing, collate the results and roll out offer letters to selected candidates. This can be done in either of the two approaches below:

a. On the Spot Screening
We screen the resumes of the respondents to a Walk-in event at the venue itself. We go through their paper or electronic resumes, pre-check their documents to verify their credentials, identify the right people for the next round (Written tests / Group discussions / interviews) and pass them on to your team. Your team then processes them further and decides on the right fit. Our team can help with rolling out of the offer letters.

b. Online / Backend Screening
If your Walk-in event specifies a cutoff time for receipt of the applications, our team can screen the resumes and forward the right ones for attendance to the walk-in and an interview call. This way, you can have a more focused turn-out at the recruitment event. Our team can help you at the walk-in event with document verification and roll-out of the offer. This way, your internal teams can focus more on internal business goals, while People Skills helps you organize the once-in-a-year recruitment events.

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Insta IT Joiners

You typically would have business opportunities which can materialize only if the resources join you in short time span of 7 to 15 days . We regularly keep track of experienced resources who are available to join your team in the shortest possible time. We have ready to join candidates in Java, Dotnet and Testing. For more details, contact us.

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Flexi HR Manager for SMEs

SMEs, during their initial years, need not saddle themselves with the entire costs and processes of a large organization. People Skills can help them during their growth path by providing support for HR processes. SMEs save of two important aspects:

  • The time to setup the business: One function less to hire means time saved on all recruitment related functions
  • The cost of hiring and maintaining a function which might not have full-time work. Operational expenses can be optimized and focused towards achieving business goals, thus keeping a tab also on any interest costs.

We support the following services:

  • Consultation for HR Policy making
  • Consultation for Legal terms with relation to Labour Laws
  • Hiring services for Permanent and Contract Staff
  • Managing the employee on-boarding and off-boarding process, as required
  • Consultation for internal and external training
  • Consultation on outsourcing for Financial Book keeping, Tax compliance, Payroll processing, Legal Services
  • Additional support services tailored to your specific operational needs.

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Background verification

People Skills is specialized in all types of background verification for employment purposes. We serve companies ranging from small, medium and large sized. Our compelling team is backed by a proven process and technology that provides you with quality of services within a short turnaround time. We adhere to the ethical business practices and provide utmost background verification to various companies for different domains.

Our background check reports provide you valuable insights that lead to well informed decisions and greater security for the employment process of your organization. We verify personal data and other professionals details required. Background screening is conducted through professionals for the complete employment tenure. We support you with challenges faced while hiring and on-boarding employees with a complete verification of education certificates, salary slips and other documents. Increase your trust on employees with strong background verification that assist you against risks on-boarding employees who indulge in malpractices.

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Statutory compliances

People Skills with a team of trained and knowledged professionals offer best of best statutory labor compliances, along with Employee's State Insurance (ESI) and Provident Fund(PF) code allotment along with calculation assistance/monthly filing of returns.We also do Professional Tax (PT) registration along with monthly returns filing. We lessen your concern and time invested in complying statutory and legal norms with imperative solutions for any kind of businesses. We invest valuable work time, resources and continuous monitoring to avoid penalties for non-compliance with help of experienced and skilled professional who are experts with compliance solutions.

Our Statutory compliances include timely and efficient statutory compliance processes that are in line with statutory requirements avoiding legal implications & penalties. These services are available for different regions to local areas with required expertise. We assure ethical practices with strict adherence to the time lines.

Our services feature trusted management services for shops and establishment's compliance services, Trade License,FSSAI License, query management, payroll compliance management services, factory compliance services, and contract labor management assistances are provided. You can leverage proven processes and sophisticated tools with experience labor laws compliance professionals offering consistent support across the country.

FSSAI License - FSSAI is an abbreviation used for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. FSSAI license is mandatory before starting any food business. All the manufacturers, traders, restaurants who are involved in food business must obtain a 14-digit registration or a license number which must be printed on food packages.

Trade License - Trade License is a license issued by the municipal corporation which gives you permission to carry on the particular trade or business for which it is issued. It does not grant ownership of property or permission for any other activity than for which it is issued.

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People Skills makes payroll services simple; we provide with expert payroll accounting that is guided by the principles for better understanding. Our payroll accounting carefully assesses the employee benefits to report them perfectly on the financial statements.

We provide you with better assistance for compensation management of your business that should be payed to the employees for the given period of time. We give you a professional Payroll management assistance by accounting your business payroll system despite the size of the business you function with.

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Business Registration

People Skills stands as an end to end solution for business registration process. Our professionals assist you with registering businesses and legal entities with assistance of Assessments and Taxation. We stand by you from the scratch assisting you by creating a business plan, choosing a business structure, naming and documentation. People Skills assists with various types of registration and formalities for sole proprietorship to private limited. Our services include assistance for ESI, PF,PT,FSSAI,Trade License, labor act and other legal requirements of a business. We stand as a single point business set-up solution services enabling new entrepreneurs with smooth process of formations. Our experience of setting up business entities has enabled us to provide you with services that mitigate the risk and challenges of your business prior to commencement. We offer you with full-fledged office start up assistance. Our advice and support are exclusively focused on particular businesses. The solutions are customized as per your budget and business requirements, we function across a wide network with ample resource services assisting in various aspects of the business.

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Startup Support Services

  • Company Incorporation
  • Registration with various departments (like GST, Central Excise, DGDFT, Professional Tax, PAN, TAN)
  • Accounting (Book-Keeping)
  • Auditing
  • Income tax filing
  • Income tax and VAT ( GST) Assessments
  • Professional consultancy like VAT (GST) filing TDS filing
  • Regular filing with various department, Internal Audit, Statutory Audit
  • Annual filing with Registrar of Companies and Income Tax

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